How To Hang Bed Sheets On A Washing Line (2023)

There's a lot to be said for hanging bed sheets outdoors. The fresh smell and feel from hanging in the warm sun - much nicer than those coming out of the dryer, aren't they?

You might be wondering: is there really a right and wrong way to hang your sheets outside?

The answer is a definite yes!

Have you ever encountered more wrinkles in your sheets after an afternoon of drying outside than when they came out of the washing machine? Or perhaps you're wondering why your sheets take so long to dry outdoors?

The answers to these questions lie in how you've hung them on your clothesline.

This article will go through precisely how to properly dry bed sheets by hanging them correctly, the numerous benefits of hanging your washing outside, and much more.

So, if you want to get the best out of your sheets while they dry in the sun, read on!

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Benefits Of Drying Bed Sheets On A Clothes Line

Line drying has many benefits, some of which are quite surprising! Below is a list of a few things that can make ditching the tumble dryer the right decision.

Saves money

With the increasing cost of bills an ever-present worry, ditching the tumble dryer is a great way to save some money - potentially hundreds of pounds each year. Enough said.

Whiten your whites

Did you know sun bleaching is a great way to keep your white clothes and sheets looking brand new naturally? The sun is one of the best ways to bleach your whites without harsh chemicals. This will also save you some money.


Believe it or not, placing wet clothes and sheets on a washing machine and taking them off again is a good form of upper body exercise.

While it may not make you a candidate for the World's Strongest Man or Woman, it can work wonders for your arms, shoulders, neck and back. As movement is good for the cardiovascular system, you'll also be doing your heart a favour.

Wave goodbye to dryer sheets

Dryer sheets are packed full of potentially harsh chemicals, which can often build up on your sheets. However, when you use your clothesline to dry your sheets, you're eliminating the need for these sheets.

Great smell

As we mentioned previously, how clothes smell after drying outdoors hits different somehow. It's refreshing and makes slipping into bed with your clean sheets feel like a little slice of heaven!

Longer lasting sheets

By line drying, you are kinder to your sheets. It is a much more gentle drying process than a tumble dryer. And line drying means you won't risk shrinking your sheets, so they no longer fit on the bed. It happens more often than you might think.

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Limits creases

While your sheets may not always finish up wrinkle-free after a lounge on the line, this method of drying can help to eliminate many of them. So, while you might still have to do a little bit of ironing, it's very likely that this will be far less than you would have had to do had you placed them in the dryer.

Environmentally friendly

As we are all becoming increasingly conscious about our impacts on our planet, many of us are looking for ways to reduce our energy usage and carbon footprint. According to Global Giving, it's possible to reduce your carbon footprint by an impressive third simply by not using your dryer.

Dries sheets quicker

Depending on the weather, it is sometimes possible to dry sheets and clothes quicker when you hang them outside. It also saves the fuss of loading the dryer and turning on the heating when you dry bed sheets indoors.

How To Dry Bed Sheets On A Washing Line

Now you know the benefits of using your line to dry your sheets, we'll next tell you how to dry these sheets properly.

Follow the steps below to have the perfect sheets ready for your bed every time.

  • Once the wash cycle has finished, shake your sheets (as best you can, considering their size). It helps to unfold the washing and keep annoying crinkles at bay.

  • Before putting your sheets on the line, ensure you have enough room to pin them. If you need to hang socks or smaller items, bunch them up at either end of the line or leave them to last when you can dot them between your sheets.

  • You should fold large sheets in half before placing them on the line if you don't have the room or height to keep them in a single layer. Larger sheets will take more time to dry due to their size and the fact they will be hung multi-layered, so it's best to do these before organising any smaller sheets.

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  • Pin the sheets at the ends, again, depending on the length. If the weather is a bit blustery (perfect drying weather!), ensure you use more pegs while being mindful of the risk of peg marks if you don't want to iron the sheets once dry.

  • Keep the top of the sheet flat and straight against the clothesline, which is an effective measure to stop wrinkles. You should ideally do this with every item of laundry, whether you hang shirts or sheets.

  • For these smaller sheets, it's a good idea to stretch them out the entire length of the line, so they do not sag. Again, fix a peg on each corner to secure it.

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Top Tips For Hanging Clothes and Sheets

Below we've outlined some hints and tips to have you washing, hanging and drying your bed sheets and any other laundry you might have like a pro:

  • Wooden pegs tend to break quicker, so you might want to purchase some high-quality plastic pegs.

  • Purchase a high-quality clothesline if you can. While hanging your sheets over just about any type of line is fine, a pulley line is much easier to manoeuvre and will make hanging your sheets easier.

  • If possible, wash your sheets at the lowest possible setting. This will help keep your sheets in the best possible condition. And, don't forget the fabric conditioner when you wash your sheets too!

    (Video) How to hang washing on the line

  • To get as many wrinkles out of your sheets as possible, shake them as hard as possible. It would be even more effective if you had another person to help you with this; snap the sheets in the air a few times to get some excess wrinkles off.

  • Depending on the weather, you may require more or fewer clothes pegs. On windy days, ensure you use enough so that your fitted sheets don't take off in flight.

  • Finally, speaking of weather, it doesn't need to be a sunny day for you to skip the tumble dryer. You can put sheets and clothes out on any day - as long as it is dry. Yet, when it comes to the British weather, we all know how unpredictable it can be. So, perhaps keep your running shoes to hand, in case that mild afternoon turns into bad weather! After all, there's little as miserable as sprinting to remove your washing from the line in torrential rain!


Will I still need to iron my sheets after line-drying them?

While you may have to fetch the ironing board in certain instances, line drying your sheets can drastically diminish the number of creases and wrinkles that would usually be produced via other methods of drying.

How long will sheets take to dry outside?

This very much depends on the temperature and other weather conditions, such as if it is windy or sunny. However, on a good old British summer's day, it will take no longer than 90 minutes for your sheets and other wet laundry to completely dry.

Can I overdry sheets on the line?

Unlike with a dryer, it isn't possible to overdry sheets on a line outdoors. It also should be said that if you opt to hang your clothes on a clothes horse or drying rack indoors, it will not lead to overdrying.

Final Thoughts

While you might not have given much thought to how you hang your sheets, correctly placing them on the line can lead to fewer wrinkles and a quicker drying time. We hope all these tips have helped show you why line drying can benefit you, your sheets, the environment and your wallet.

And, don't forget, here at Belledorm, we have everything you could possibly need to make your sleep a sound one. From sheets, duvets, duvet covers, pillows, protectors and much more, we know how to help you make your bed your favourite place in the world!

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How do you arrange a bed spread? ›

How to Make a Bed
  1. Add Your Sheets. Your fitted sheet should fit snugly on the bed to create a clean, flat surface. ...
  2. Layer Your Duvet. Next, lay the duvet on top of the sheet, making sure both sides are even. ...
  3. Add Shams and Pillows. Now for the pillows. ...
  4. Lay on Quilts and Throws. Finally, add the throws and quilts.

How do you stop sheets wrapping around washing line without? ›

The best way to hang sheets on the line is to hang your sheets over multiple lines to give them the best airflow for drying, " they won't be folded over on themselves so closely," Christian says. This also works for heavy items, such as blankets and doonas.

How do I stop my sheets from wrapping around the washing line? ›

Keep the top of the sheet flat and straight against the clothesline, which is an effective measure to stop wrinkles. You should ideally do this with every item of laundry, whether you hang shirts or sheets. For these smaller sheets, it's a good idea to stretch them out the entire length of the line, so they do not sag.

Where do you hang bed sheets? ›

Simply hang over a large clothes horse and perhaps use a freestanding fan to help with airflow. You can also hang smaller sheets over radiators, and these will dry quicker. Drying bedsheets inside unfortunately takes the most amount of time – usually around a day or so.

Where do you hang dry bed sheets? ›

Georgia Metcalfe, founder of online bedroom retailer French Bedroom, said the best way to dry sheets indoors is to hang them on banisters “Bedding needs a large surface area to dry quickly so drape wet sheets around the banister to maximise indoor space and allow the fabric to breathe," she said.

Where is the best place to dry clothes in the house? ›

Position your drying in rooms where you spend the least amount of time, for example the bathroom. You want the space to be well ventilated so you can avoid allergic reactions, mildew or mould on fabrics or in your home from all the extra moisture in the air. Open windows are the best way to allow fresh air in.

How do you hang towels on a clothesline? ›

Linens and Towels

Drape sheets or blankets in half over the line, then pin them at the top. Towels should be hung vertically and pinned at the corners for the fastest drying time.

How do you dry sheets on a rotary washing line? ›

Duvet covers and sheets should be folded over your line, but not vertically - you should hang them horizontally to allow them to blow much for vigorously in the wind, an consequently dry more quickly.

How do you hang towels on a washing line? ›

Bring your towels up to the clothesline so one of the short ends faces the line. Then, drape it slightly over the clothesline and pin both corners in place. To save space and clothespins, hang your towels next to each other and clip the corners together with the same pin.

Where do you put laundry sheets in the washer? ›

If you've ever used laundry detergent pods or tabs then you know the basics of how to use laundry sheets too. Here's a tip from Angela: "Laundry detergent sheets work best added directly to the drum of the washer, rather than to any detergent dispensers. Place it in the drum before adding clothes."


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