How to Get Crease Lines Out of Jeans (2023)

Creases can look fashionable if they’re supposed to be there. But if your jeans are riddled with wrinkles, they can look aged, discoloured, and they just don’t make you feel like a million dollars!

So, how do you get crease lines out of jeans, so you and your jeans can look catwalk ready? Keep on reading—it’s a lot simpler than you think!

Creases can be removed from jeans. But keep in mind that some creases can be more stubborn than others, and as a result, they often require a tad more work to tease out.

You can try any of the methods below to remove the wrinkle lines from your jeans. Or you may have to try a mixture of the methods below depending on the nature of the lines.

How to Remove Creases from Jeans

Below you’ll discover several methods to help you remove crease lines from your jeans.

Don’t worry if you have to repeat a method, or try a collection of the methods below more than once, this is perfectly normal.

Method 1: Tumble dryer

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One of the easiest ways to get crease lines out of jeans is to wash them and to dry them on a medium to high heat in the tumble dryer.

The steam created in the tumble dryer helps to loosen up the stubborn crease marks, and in some cases, the lines are completely gone by the end of the process.

One variation to this method is to soak a towel in water, wring it out and add it to the tumble dryer. Then you add your dry jeans to the machine and start a cycle.

The wet towel helps create more steam, draws out the wrinkles in the material.

If you are trying this method you do have to keep an eye on your jeans, so check them every five minutes.

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You might find, depending on how bad the crease lines are, that you will have to re-soak the towel and repeat the above process several times.

Method 2: Ironing

How to Get Crease Lines Out of Jeans (2)

There are a few variations to this method and I’ll outline them below.

Tip: Remember to keep the iron moving over the material. Holding it in one place will scorch the fabric.

Option 1: Iron your jeans normally to get the creases out.

So, this is when you choose an appropriate heat setting on the iron and iron the jeans as you would usually do.

Option 2: Iron your jeans after squirting them with distilled water.

With this approach, you squirt some distilled water onto the crease lines on your jeans (there’s no need to soak the whole thing) and iron the jeans as normal.

The distilled water can break down any mineral deposits in the jeans and can effectively loosen the hold of the crease.

Option 3: Iron your jeans after squirting them white vinegar.

For this to work effectively, you’ll need to mix one part white vinegar with three parts water in a spray bottle.

You will then need to turn your jeans inside out and squirt the mixture onto the material. After this you can iron the jeans on a hot setting.

If you find the smell of vinegar a tad overpowering you can re-wash the jeans to remove the smell.

Tip: If you don’t have an iron at hand, you could swap an iron for a stainless-steel saucepan. You need to be very careful if you’re going to try this method. But essentially all you need to do is bring a pan of water to the boil, empty the water and then use the base of the saucepan to iron over the jeans.

Method 3: Wrinkle remover spray

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A wrinkle remover spray’s purpose is to help remove creases from fabrics, and in most cases, they help to deodorise materials and limit static.

You can buy a winkle remover in most supermarkets and online. They do, of course, vary in price and ability. Here’s an idea to get you started:

Lenor Crease Releaser Spray is a wrinkle releaser that’s incredibly simple to use. You just spray the solution about 15 cm away from the material, stretch the fabric and hang it up. It also smells of Spring Awakening which is an added bonus!

Of course, you don’t have to purchase such an item, you could make your own version at home.

To make your own wrinkle remover, mix one cup of distilled water with one teaspoon of liquid fabric softener and one teaspoon of rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle.

Then test this potion out on a discreet patch of your jeans to see if the mixture has a bad reaction with the material.

If all is well, spray the solution over your jeans, pull the jeans to release the creases and hang them up to air.

Method 4: Clothes steamer

How to Get Crease Lines Out of Jeans (4)

If you have a clothes steamer at home, you could use this device to get the crease lines out of your jeans.

Much like the tumble dryer method noted above, the steam from the tool will help to loosen and release the creases that are holding on tight to your jeans.

It’s worth noting that steamers often work very well when trying to un-wrinkle delicate materials, like silk and wool, because the steam doesn’t come into direct contact with the fabric, the vapour does instead.

Whereas ironing is better for tougher more durable materials, like cotton and denim, because the hot plate comes into direct contact with the fabric and can work the wrinkles out.

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So, you will probably find yourself steaming your jeans multiple times to get the creases out of them because denim is a more hardwearing fabric, and the vapour alone may not be strong enough to eradicate the creases after one steaming session.

Method 5: Hairdryer

How to Get Crease Lines Out of Jeans (5)

If you’re a little short on time and tools, a backup option is to use a hairdryer to get the creases out.

Simply hang your jeans up on a hanger, wet the crease lines you want to remove, fire up the hairdryer and move the device up and down the material to dry the wet spots.

It’s very likely that the wrinkles won’t be gone after your first attempt, so wet the jeans again and repeat this method.

When you’re done, you’ll need to leave the jeans to hang up for a few minutes, but they should be dry enough to wear out then!

Method 6: Use steam from the shower

How to Get Crease Lines Out of Jeans (6)

This method isn’t exactly the most straightforward one on this list, and it certainly isn’t the quickest one. But it is worth giving a go if you’re out of tools and you’ve got time.

The idea here is to use the shower’s steam to steam the creases out of your jeans.

So, for this method to work effectively you will need to hang your jeans up in the bathroom, near to the showerhead, but not so near that the jeans will get wet from the water.

You’ll need to close the cubicle door (if you’ve got one), shut the window(s) and door, and leave the extractor fan off.

You then need to leave a hot shower running for a period of time, and the jeans should be exposed to all the steam in the room. Essentially you will be creating a temporary steam room in your bathroom.

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Your jeans will need to be left in the steamy environment for a period of time. Of course, you cannot leave the shower running for the whole time because this is wasteful.

Instead, you should try and keep as much steam in the room during this treatment phase, so try not to open the door too much as you’ll lose precious steam.

It’s very likely that when you’re done that your jeans will feel wet and will need to be dried. You can leave the jeans to air dry naturally.

FAQs on Removing Creases from Jeans

How to Get Crease Lines Out of Jeans (7)

How do you get wrinkles out of jeans without an iron or dryer?

Here are some methods you could try out, if you don’t have access to an iron or a tumble dryer:

  • Use the bottom of a saucepan as an iron. For more details see Method 2 above.
  • Use a clothes steamer to steam the creases out. For more information see Method 4 above.
  • Use the steam from a shower to draw out the creases in your jeans. Your jeans will probably be damp afterwards, so they won’t be wearable. But this is an option if you’re not in a rush. For an in-depth guide see Method 6 above.
  • Use a hairdryer to remove creases from jeans. Simply hang jeans up, wet the crease lines and hairdryer them dry. You’ll likely have to add more water and repeat the method a few times to see significant results. For a detailed guide, see Method 5 above.

Why do my jeans have lines on them?

How to Get Crease Lines Out of Jeans (8)

There are a few reasons why your jeans have lines on the, and these include:

  • Lines represent a ‘worn spot’ because this is where you fold your jeans every time.
  • Excess detergent could be causing white lines on your jeans.
  • General wear and tear of the material.
  • Creases caused by: jeans being folded up and thrown into a wardrobe, lines due to you turning the bottoms of your jeans up, or jeans have bunched and become wrinkled because they don’t fit properly.
  • Lines could be a sign of undissolved mineral deposits.

How to Get Crease Lines Out of Jeans (9)


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How to Get Crease Lines Out of Jeans? ›

Simply hang your jeans up on a hanger, wet the crease lines you want to remove, fire up the hairdryer and move the device up and down the material to dry the wet spots. It's very likely that the wrinkles won't be gone after your first attempt, so wet the jeans again and repeat this method.

How do you get line marks out of jeans? ›

Removing wrinkle lines from jeans can be a tricky task especially if they've had creases on them for a long period of time. Some experts suggest putting jeans in the tumble dryer to remove the creases.

How do you get permanent creases out of jeans? ›

Ironing Jeans With a Permanent Crease

If some stubborn creases remain after the dry cycle, lay the jeans flat on an ironing board. Using a spray bottle of distilled water, spritz each crease you wish to iron. This water will help create steam that will loosen the crease as you iron.

How do you get rid of horizontal lines on jeans? ›

To try and get rid of puckering on jeans, use a iron on a low setting. Wet the jeans and then try to iron the wrinkles. Use caution when doing this or you could make the problem worse. We only recommend doing this on jeans that are too far gone.

Why do my jeans have lines on them after washing? ›

More often than not, streaks on clothes are caused by undissolved washing powder or residue from detergent. This happens when you've loaded too much into your machine so the detergent gets caught in the folds of clothing.

What are the vertical lines on jeans? ›

Translating literally to “vertical falls”, Tate-ochi refers to the vertical faded stripes that occur in denim made from slub yarn (i.e. yarn that has thicker sections, or slubs, along its length). Tate-ochi usually occurs on vintage jeans and is highly valued in Japan.

Should you iron a crease in jeans? ›

Should I iron jeans? Even with a casual denim look, you want to be fresh and presentable. Ironing jeans isn't as big a job as it sounds. The good thing about jeans is they often keep their shape after ironing, just make sure you hang or fold them properly rather than stashing them at the bottom of a draw.

Why can't I iron out creases? ›

Use the Correct Temperature

The correct temperature is another factor in getting rid of wrinkles and creases. If you're unsure of the fabric composition, set the temperature for what you think the fabric is. Start with a lower temperature and dry iron.

Do creases come out of jeans? ›

Creases can be removed from jeans. But keep in mind that some creases can be more stubborn than others, and as a result, they often require a tad more work to tease out.

What are the horizontal lines on jeans called? ›

Whiskers are subtle horizontal lines found along the thighs and other wear points of jeans. They happen naturally over time, but to craft this finish, we sometimes draw lines on jeans with sandpaper before stonewashing them — creating a perfectly well-worn look from day one.

Why turn jeans inside out before washing? ›

Turn your jeans inside out when washing them to help protect the fibers on the outside of the jeans from friction and direct exposure from detergent, which helps prevent fading. However, it's not rare for jeans to bleed dye, especially if they're new.

Why do my clothes have weird lines after washing? ›

If powder detergent doesn't dissolve the way it should, it can leave streaky patches on clothes. The best course of action is to adjust the amount of powder being used and/or increase the water temperature. If that doesn't work, switch to a liquid formula.

Can iron scorch marks be removed? ›

Wet a clean, white cloth with hydrogen peroxide then place the cloth over the scorch mark. Iron lightly. Repeat this process over the area until the spot is gone. A third option is to rinse the area with white vinegar followed by rinsing with water.

What are the discolored lines in my jeans? ›

As virolino correctly stated, the lines are the creases that form in the washing machine and the color fades quicker along these lines because of the friction. In my experience, turning the jeans inside out before washing can slow the fading down, because the dyed outside surfaces rub against each other.


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