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Deer hunting is a popular pastime for many people in the United States. In order to be successful, hunters must take into account the height of the tree stand they will be using. The height of the stand will determine how far away the deer will be, and how much of a shot the hunter will have. The ideal height for a tree stand depends on the terrain, the type of deer, and the preferences of the hunter. In general, taller stands are better for open areas, while shorter stands are better for thick woods. For example, a stand that is 20 feet tall will allow the hunter to see deer that are far away, but the hunter will also be more visible to the deer. The type of deer also plays a role in determining the ideal height of the stand. If the hunter is targeting bucks, a taller stand is often best, as bucks tend to travel further distances than does. If the hunter is targeting does, a shorter stand may be sufficient, as does often stay closer to home. ultimately, the ideal height of a tree stand for deer hunting is up to the individual hunter. Some hunters prefer taller stands for the long shots, while others prefer shorter stands for the increased chance of a close shot. No matter what the preference, success in deer hunting often comes down to luck as much as anything else.

A tree stand with the lowest elevation of a Midwest Whitetail is ideal for deer hunting. Jeffrey is a young man from Ohio. If you’re looking for a less painful way to hunt, place your stand on the back of the tree and aim 12 to 14 feet away. To accomplish this, I recommend going 12 feet and wearing a Muddy Safeline on each tree and harness.

Do You Aim High Or Low From A Treestand?

How To Choose The Ideal Height For Your Tree Stand When Deer Hunting – Fight For Rhinos (1)

If a bowhunter shoots from a treestand that is approximately 20 feet high and shoots at deer 15 yards or more away, he or she may need to aim slightly lower than they would from the ground.

Is it okay to aim at low or high during a tree stand shooting event? You should aim for lower shots on uphill and downhill runs. Archery is commonly practiced over the top of deer by archers using treestands. A laser rangefinder can be one of the simplest ways to find an angle-compensating solution. Your miss may have been caused by a variety of factors, including the fact that you shot under the deer. You will, however, always aim for a lower score on uphill and downhill shots. While maintaining proper form with your upper body, you must also be aware that the angle may present a challenge.

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Aim High When Shooting From A Treestand

Aim from a ground level because your point of impact is directly in line with the center of the target. However, as the force of gravity does not consistently fluctuate up or down, a treestand shooting experience will have a slightly higher impact point. As a result, your point of impact should be lower when shooting from a treestand because your aim should be higher.

Can Deer Smell You In A Tree Stand?

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You can usually tell when a deer smells you by looking at or hearing you in the tree stand. The wind is one of the most important hunting tips and has been around for a long time.

A deer can detect the presence of a human odor within at least 1/4 mile of it, but they may not be able to conceal it. After a certain amount of time, your scent can dissipate to an almost imperceptible state of alertness. Spooked deer will return to their bedding area once they have been frightened enough, but they will do so only after being frightened enough to return. Trees smell you in the tree stand, and deer will detect you before they see or hear you. If you are constantly downwind, they cannot detect you. However, it may be unavoidable. After you’ve settled in, you should expect the deer to move at least half an hour.

When it is dark outside, you should plan on leaving the house for the evening. Perfume, cigarette smoke, human breath, salt blocks, menstrual blood, and body odor are just a few examples of smells that deer can detect. A barking or blue Jay sounding an alarm from a hunting vehicle can often alert the hunter to a deer approaching. Deer with older children spend more time in thick cover during the day and spend less time moving around during daylight hours. It is best to aim for the opposite shoulder in order to avoid feeling rushed at the start. Deer are common to live in the same area of the world for a long time. Deer will no doubt despise certain smells, such as marigolds or putrescent egg solids, so you can use them to keep them away.

If hunters are concerned about scaring away deer from a tree stand, they should aim to the opposite shoulder. The arrow’s point of entry should be as high as possible in order to avoid scaring the deer.

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The Sense Of Smell In Dee

The fact remains that deer can smell you almost anywhere if you are a half-mile away or more. Deer hunting should also be focused on reducing noise, not being seen, and not getting winded.

How High Is Too High For A Tree Stand?

It is not advisable to walk more than 25 feet above sea level. If there is a lot of cover, it is usually advantageous to hang your stand much lower and remain hidden.

If you’ve never used a tree stand in the woods before or are a seasoned veteran, you’ll find it to be very similar to the method of hunting a bear. Every step of the way, it is critical to keep safety in mind. Taking a few simple precautions before leaving the ground will not only save you time, but it will also result in more strategic thinking. Attaching loose or bulky items to the back of your mobile tree stand with bungee cords is an effective way to do so. It is simple to attach a strap to the tree and hold your bow, gun, crossbow, or other gear. You can see deer on the downwind side of a hang stand as it is positioned near the tip of their tails. You can give yourself some cover by staying a few yards away from the trail or field edge and keeping your scent far away from the area where you believe the travel occurred. You may need to leave a little room on the downwind side of the game trail if possible. Climbing a tree without the use of a safety harness is dangerous.

What Is The Biggest Hazard Of Tree Stands?

A fall from a tree stand or other elevated platform is the leading cause of death or injury during hunting. Falls from elevated stands can be caused by a variety of factors, including incorrect placement and use of equipment.

How Far Can Deer Smell You In A Tree Stand?

If you are 80 yards away from an elk or deer, the scent of those animals will most likely still be present. If you just take a 15-yard downwind flight, an elk or deer will almost certainly leave your nose. It is very common for heavily pressured whitetails to scan the trees at heights of 15-20 feet, putting you out of reach of those scanning zones; therefore, 25- 35 feet may be a good distance from the tree.

For deer, the smell of things can be 500 to 1,000 times more intense than that of humans. Whitetails have thousands of receptors in their nostrils that act as a reservoir of sensitive chemicals. It’s always a good idea to set up and float your wind over a quiet area that isn’t likely to see a lot of deer. It is entirely possible to determine the best wind for a stand based on trial and error. Because of the dramatic changes in wind direction caused by terrain, it is critical to study the topography of an area. The main focus of hunters is wind direction, but they frequently overlook wind speed. It is a well-known fact that deer have a distinctive odor.

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Deer have more specialized areas of their brains for scent interpretation than humans. Deer’s lateral nostrils are also larger than that of a Rottweiler, making them easier to detect smells. Furthermore, deer can easily sort out their smell by smelling a variety of smells, so using a cover scent of any kind is pointless. The nose of a deer rises while it is raising its head, drawing air through its receptors. When this occurs, an animal can quickly determine what it is smelling and how it is coming to it. By paying attention to the smells around us, we can increase our awareness of them.

Deer Hunting: The Silent Sport

Deer can detect you from a half-mile away, and it may take up to two weeks for them to adjust to your presence in a tree stand. Keep your gaze open and be quiet as you stand still and remain silent.

Average Hunting Tree Stand Height

The average hunting tree stand height is about 20 feet. This gives the hunter a good vantage point to see their prey and also helps to conceal their presence. Tree stands can be made from a variety of materials, but they all serve the same purpose of getting the hunter up off the ground.

You should be at least 12 feet tall (15 inches minimum). If you are terrified, it will be detrimental to your shooting. More height is thought to make shots more difficult, and it is also thought to make shots harder to hit with a double lung. It was a good season for me, and I didn’t lose an arrow. I’m surprised I’m even thinking about it. You can stand on a treestand between 10 and 14 feet tall. It’s not necessary to be very high on your breakup cover if you have a good one.

There are other things you should be aware of, such as the deer’s awareness of treestands. The deer come out of the woods to investigate when looking up. If it is a Pine forest, you could be able to get real high even if you are not high. The types of pines will vary according to their age and type. Deer are conditioned by their hunter in the deep South. There are a lot of hunters on public land, as there are everywhere. It can be difficult to get by with less than 18′, and I prefer to get to 20’25’ if possible.

We’re both chicken and everything else is chicken. Check that you’re using an extremely reliable climber, that you can rely on and inspect all welds, cables, chains, and other safety features. Afoot climbing ended at the bottom of the tree while he was still seated, as he was still 25 feet up in the seat. It is never a good idea to go over your personal boundaries. The minimum height increases with time spent climbing and hunting from the top. You can use it both on and off season. When he walks up the hill, he will force you off the side of the tree if you are less than 30 feet away.

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Spend your money on a Hunting Safety System harness that fits snugly. To make your scent last long, I believe you must climb at least 20 degrees up. A foot climber ascended the tree’s summit while sitting 25′ up in a seat at the base. Any higher than 20′ in a climbing tree stand, for example, is simply unacceptable. For each additional hour spent hunting a climber, your minimum height will rise. It is possible to catch an animal that is about three times the size of your target. If this is true, the average age at the start of the year would be 15′ to 20′.

How To Choose The Right Tree Stand

The height of the tree you want to climb, as well as the diameter of the tree to which it will be attached, should be considered when selecting a tree stand. A tree stand should be no taller than 8 inches in diameter if you want to use it for viewing wildlife or taking in the scenery, as well as for photography. Furthermore, keep a close eye on the tree stand to ensure it is not leaning too much, obstructing your view. If you want to climb a tall tree, you’ll need to climb between 10 and 14 feet.

How High For Deer Stand

To build a successful deer stand, you must first determine how high it needs to be. The height of your stand will be dictated by the terrain, the type of hunting you’re doing, and the height of the game you’re pursuing. If you’re hunting on flat ground, you’ll need a taller stand so you can see over the grass. If you’re hunting in hilly terrain, a shorter stand will be sufficient. The type of hunting you’re doing will also affect the height of your stand. If you’re hunting with a rifle, you’ll need a taller stand so you can see over the brush. If you’re hunting with a bow, a shorter stand will be just fine. Finally, the height of the game you’re pursuing will also dictate the height of your stand. If you’re hunting deer, a taller stand will be necessary so you can see over the brush. If you’re hunting turkey, a shorter stand will be just fine.

Minimum Tree Stand Height

A minimum tree stand height is the lowest point that a tree stand can be placed on a tree and still provide the hunter with a comfortable, safe hunting experience. The minimum height for a tree stand varies depending on the type of tree stand, the tree species being hunted, the hunter’s height and weight, and other factors. In general, tree stand manufacturers recommend a minimum stand height of 18 inches for most hunters.

Best Height For Bow Hunting

There is no definitive answer when it comes to the best height for bow hunting. Some archers prefer to stand taller in their tree stands, while others find that a lower height gives them more stability and a better vantage point. Ultimately, it is up to the individual archer to experiment with different heights to see what works best for them.


How To Choose The Ideal Height For Your Tree Stand When Deer Hunting – Fight For Rhinos? ›

Often times 20 feet is the benchmark. This will get you up high enough to be out of direct line of sight for any deer in the area and is not so high that a hunter feels uncomfortable climbing to and getting into the stand safely. If you're using a climber, you are limited based on the shape of the tree.

Should you aim low or high in a tree stand? ›

First, the question of whether to aim higher or lower on steep uphill and downhill shots is a classic. Many people think the answer must be different, but in fact what you want to do is aim LOWER for BOTH.

Is 12 ft high enough for a tree stand? ›

12 feet is high enough for a tree stand. Your stand height is less important than your cover. You should climb as high as the surrounding cover like branches, smaller tree tops, or foliage. If you can get ample cover at 12 feet high and still have shooting lanes, that's the perfect height for you.

Should you aim high or low from a deer stand? ›

With a normal broadhead shot, you should aim just below the point of the shoulder bone, about a third up the animal's flank, in order to hit its heart or lungs. From a tree stand, the shot is more or less the same. You just have to remember to aim slightly lower to compensate for the angle.


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