How High Should A Tree Stand Be (2023)

Hunting offers a glorious experience as you walk through the woods. You can drive deer with your friends or track a nearby buck. Hunting this way sounds far more interesting than waiting in one place for a deer to come to you.

However, you discover that things are much different in reality. Whitetail deer hunters sit in trees for extended periods and wait for their prey.

You quickly find this kind of hunting is more effective, as hunting from a stationary position above the animal’s line of sight is effective. Especially where whitetails inhabit.

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Following this, you need to know the best tree stand height. High tree stands are better when they are at the correct height. Too high, and your angle may be off, and too low, and you could still be spotted.

The basic line is that if you want to be virtually undetectable in the woods to the wariest buck and in the ideal position to hear, see, and shoot a whitetail deer; you need to invest in a suitable deer stand, be it a purchased one, or a homemade hang on tree stand. (Read What Is The Only Arrowhead That May Be Used For Big Game Hunting?)

Either way, you need to invest time to know how high should a tree stand be for bow hunting?

In our guide, you can learn how tall should a deer stand be, the best ladder stand height, and by the end, you’ll be well-armed when you know the best tree stand height for bow hunting.

Is 12-Feet High Enough For A Tree Stand?

For how high should a deer stand be, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. However, by considering three elements, you can arrive at an appropriate solution for your scenario.

First, think about the best height for deer stand that can help you stay out of the sight of approaching deer.

You’re more likely to be out of a deer’s regular line of sight the higher you are in a tall tree stand. Because of this obvious benefit, some hunters hang stands at a height of 25 feet or higher.

Extreme heights of tall deer stands, however, have drawbacks. Fortunately, there are alternative means to achieve invisibility, the most effective is to use the tree’s natural cover, which includes the trunk, branches, and leaves.

Also, know how the height of your tree stand affects the flow of your body scent in the wind than on the ground. Your scent flows away in the wind as you rise, and because of this, it creates a more significant area of protection beneath you by blowing your scent straight over the heads of deer.

The downside of steep shooting angles created through elevation is a major drawback of a tree stand that is too high. Not only do you have a further distance to shoot, but the target window is also much smaller.

Given the aim to be high enough to stay out of sight and waft scent over neighboring deer while not too high to interfere with shots, high deer stands are normally positioned between 17 and 22 feet. However, the amount of cover in the tree can determine a lot, and the optimal height for a deer stand might be as low as 12-feet or as high as 23 feet.

Determine how high to hang your tree stand in a tree that can safely support you. Use the cover to mask your outline and movements. Within reason, the less cover you find, the higher you should hang your treestand, yet don’t go over a height of 25 feet.

You can usually hang your stand lower if there is a lot of covers, such as cedar or pine with lots of branches. The tree can offer more cover than something, such as a tall tree and lacking lower limbs.

Remember, when using a tree stand, hang it so the sun is behind you so your vision will be clear once the sun rises. Besides this, deer approaching the front struggle to see you as the sun is in their eyes.

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What Is The Best Height For a Tree Stand?

Hanging your tree stand can take up to an hour and involve several trips up and down the tree when learning how to do it. (Learn How To Get Into Hunting)

Here are some tips to help you get started hanging tree stands.

Step 1: Take a close look at the tree and climb it with your body weight leaning into the trunk. Also, figure out where you want your treestand placement.

Step 2: Put on your climbing belt and a harness as it helps with safety and lifting your treestand.

Step 3: Tie one end of a 20-feet to 30-foot pull-up rope to your harness’s hip and the other to the seat of the stand. Add a short loop about a foot from the stand and another 30 feet pull-up rope for your bow.

Step 4: Climb the tree

Step 5: If you’re using steps, install two side-by-side steps as you reach the height where you’ll place your feet to hang the treestand as it offers a level, secure footing.

Step 6: Climb the steps and fasten a lifeline to them. Screw a step around a foot above where you want your seat to be. Pull the stand up and slip the loop over the step to take the weight. You can secure the treestand without effort.

Step 7: Fasten the treestand to the tree, but not too tight. Lift as you cinch the strap tighter. To seat, lower the platform and pull down on the stand.

Step 8: Hang your gear on a hook, and then pull up your bow and get ready to go hunting.

Top Tips for Treestand Hunting

  • Use a file or a grinding wheel to sharpen dull tree steps to reduce the amount of work.
  • For any dull ones, use a sharp step as an auger.
  • If your stand weighs more than 15 pounds, use a thicker pull-up rope.
  • Make sure your tree is within range of the greatest trails and shooting lanes by using a rangefinder.
  • While you direct him from above, enlist the help of a friend to help carry stuff in, hand stuff up, and cut shooting lanes.
  • Make sure you have a safety strap in the tree to secure your harness. A life line is the last component of this safety system. You can purchase rope kits around 30 feet long. 30-foot ropes are also ideal for your pull-up ropes.

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How You Hunt Deer Using a Climbing Stand

When bowhunting, it’s good to know what’s involved with using a treestand and how important concealment it is, as it is staying downwind for success. (Find the Best Budget Red Dot)

  • Before a hunt, a hunter climbs into his tree stand.
  • You can slither up a tree without using sticks or steps when using a climbing stand.
  • A climbing stand can be used for most of your deer hunting. You have lots of advantages when there are many straight-trunked trees and no lower branches nearby.
  • Travel light as you’ll need to get your gear into the tree with you on your hunts.
  • Look for Cover as this can be better for concealment and hide your movement as you raise your bow and point your arrow.
  • Pick trees with a Fork: If you can’t find a fork, search for any tree with a fork at no higher than 20 feet to get additional back cover.
  • Go Higher: If your cover is lacking, you may need to go higher.
  • Stay low: The best cover in the early season is at the lower part of the trees. Use a brush that can smother the base of your stand tree.
  • Don’t remove your harness. Should your climbing stand topple, you only have your climber harness to save you.

Set Up a Ladder Stand Safely

Tree stands are only as safe as you make them, so doing it right will mean you are safe on your hunt. Besides this, you need to be in the ideal position as you take your shot and remain undetected.

A deer can see a sign of your shoot, even if you are using treestands if you are not covered by branches or the right position on the trail.

Here are some tips every climber should follow as they hunt for the big bucks rather than fall from the tree.

Step 1: Use Friends

Never install a ladder stand alone; it is easy to fall, especially if the ground is wet or icy. Even the shortest ladder stands can quickly hit the ground if unstable.

Step 2: Start the right way

The steps of setting your shooting ladder can influence the result. Once your stand is assembled and lying by the tree at the head of the trail. Measure the platform length and add a foot or so, as this is the approximate distance you want the legs to be from the tree trunk.

Step 3: Pull it up

The ladder’s anchoring straps can be used as your pull-up ropes. However, check your manufacturer’s instructions on how to use these the right way.

Step 4: Anchor your ladder

Most stands have a stabilizing bar to connect the stand to the tree is roughly head high. Ensure you fasten this before you step on the ladder. Also, ensure you secure the straps around the tree trunk and behind the stand. (Find the Best Budget Spotting Scope For Target Shooting)

Step 5: Climb

It is a good tip to have someone hold the ladder as you climb.

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